2019 / 02 / 19 - log

Banks and security

So, today’s topic is about Banks.

They hold in their hands a shitton of info.

Way too much IMHO.

I’m talking about money, payments tracking, general tracking (for, sadly, a lot of banks), data about your financial situation, addresses, and maybe even sensitive stuff (like medical).

Now, we’re in front of a generation of banks which, for the vast majority of them, shows an inaptitude to make a single decent fucking login form.

Between the ones forcing you to use some stupid randomized digit pad (which basically forces a low-length, low-strength, slow and predictable to enter, password), the ones forcing stupid rules (“between 4 and 8 characters, must contain 1 digit, 1 alphanumerical character, 1 taco and the soul of an unborn”), I want to ask: “Hey, banks, do you actually give a fuck about us, end users, or are you simply trying to fuck as many people as you can for money?”.

I think that the answer’s quite clear.