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2018 / 05 / 07 (raw)

Fix your shit, Apple

Okay, so this is an angry rant against Apple.

I'm the sad owner of a shitty Macbook Pro 15" Late 2015, which, besides all its problems, doesn't stop giving me electric shocks to its shitty aluminium case.

It burns, leaves marks and after spending hours with the fuckmuppets at Apple's customer support, the only thing they said to me was that it was fucking normal.

How can you produce such pieces of shit branded as professional tools that it electrocutes its fucking users and it's considered "normal" ?

But not only this small laptop burns quite a lot, but I just put my hand on a bigger iMac desktop computer that have been powered off for weeks, only connected to the power cord.

I only fucking put my hand on a computer and the burn was so violent it left a fucking red mark on my hand.

And some people want to buy that shit or brand that as "tools for professionals".

Don't make me fucking laugh. Because that'll be ugly.