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2018 / 09 / 14 (raw)

Fuck AWS docs

I want to say it, so let me say it: "Fuck Amazon Web Services Docs".

I've tried to work on a very simple task: take a HTML file, put it in a S3 bucket and serve it as static content with a custom domain.

There's a catch: I don't want to use Route53 since I already own the domain.

Thing is, every Amazon documentation is completely made to direct you into using AWS.

There's no explanation on how you can do it with other services, or alternative settings.

And when requested settings don't work, guess what happens ? Too fucking bad, nothing happens because you literally have no step to fix the problems you may encounter.

"Everything works", except that nothing works.

Second catch is the fact that there's literally zero up-to-date documentation on proper rights and authentication management. How the fuck am I supposed to keep my shit secure ?