Rants and logs

2018 / 12 / 04 - log

Go, viper config: but why?

I’ve been going back to golang a bit, and while I found myself comfortable with a lot of nice things, I had to use the viper configuration library.

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2018 / 09 / 22 - log

WTF, JS dates

I know, I know. Javascript is, like most languages, well-known for a lot of weird shit.

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2018 / 09 / 21 - log

Thanks, Medium

I don’t understand how so many developers are turning towards Medium for blog article writing.

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2018 / 09 / 14 - log

Fuck AWS docs

I want to say it, so let me say it: “Fuck Amazon Web Services Docs”.

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2018 / 08 / 14 - log

Learn english, asshole

We’re seeing more and more headlines following “This Retarded Format That Everyone Uses”.

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2018 / 05 / 07 - log

Fix your shit, Apple

Okay, so this is an angry rant against Apple.

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