Ivan Delsinne


Back-end developer, student in web development

Driving license and car acquired

School-work experience

  • 2018 (1 year) - Student in third year Licence of computer science, at Nice
    Arithmetics, development, electronics and OO basics
    (Java, python, Linux (arch))
  • 2017 (1 year) - Backend developer at archipad.com, at Sophia-Antipolis
    API and message queues developer, maintainer
    (Windows/Linux/MacOS, PHP/MariaDB, Ruby, Redis, Docker)

    During this year, I was tasked with maintaining the APIs, including developing new ones, and moving some very old code towards the current API version.
    My other project consisted in building a job queue system that integrated itself within our APIs.
    This was done using Ruby (with Resque and Ruby on Rails) in front of an Apache HTTP task manager.

  • 2017 (1 year) - Second year student in DUT (HND equivalent), at Sophia-Antipolis
    System architecture, networking and distributed computing
    (C, Java, Go, Linux (arch))
  • 2016 (1 year) - First year student in DUT (HND equivalent), at Nice
    Development and OO basics, databases
    (C, Java, MariaDB)
  • 2016 - Obtained my Baccalauréat in STI2D, at Nice

Languages and technologies

  • Languages: Java, Go, PHP, Javascript, C#
  • OS: Windows (7, 10), Linux (Arch, Debian), MacOS
  • DBMS: PostgreSQL, MySQL (/ MariaDB), Redis
  • Frameworks:
    • PHP: PhalconPHP, Siler
    • Go: Gorilla
    • Frontend: Angular, Vue.js

Some notable projects

  • Photofolio, where I expose my best shots
  • Validator, a Java String-map validation library
    (and its golang counterpart, Validator-go)
  • Docs, where I put some technical documents and work notes
  • Paste, a fast and minimal temporary document sharing tool